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I am a Jacks or Better video poker player and have never played Keno.But after being patient, I did hit the 6 of 7 on the mystic layered 5 spots not once but twice- each giving i want to say 6 to 8 5 spots in one hit.So I asked him if he had a dollar and to put It in the Machine and showed him how to play.

You can learn to win like the rest of us do just by watching the videos on YouTube.I have been living now in Vegas now for 2 years.trying everything from slots, to keno, to tables, and never winning anything (always at places outside the strip-its what we locals do).Hello i was wondering can i have free chart for four card keno i would love to try your system.I played your Four-Card numbers and theory on the Multi-Card machine.As far as the 5s I agree with you, but while they are easier to hit, they are extremely volatile.I live here in Las Vegas and would love to get the free 3 spot 4 card keno PDF that you offer.

I did this by mirroring your setup vs just moving it as you set it up.The reality is that you will get more 5s and 6s than you ever have, and it will be easier for 7s and 8s simply because of the more frequent 6 of 7s and 7 of 8s than on normal systems. 6s are by far the best value.Our base number system uses two numbers more than the target spot but the numbers are Balanced across all cards.Thinking about the 12 spot or mabey just 5 or higher. let me know if you can drop any more wisdom on this matter.Last time in Reno a month ago my wife hit like 19 6 spots in 7-8 hours.

Online Keno is a very straightforward and enjoyable game to play in Canada. CA Cleopatra Keno. Online Keno Tips for Canadian Players.The bitterness of that moment made me not want to contemplate too much at the time on what might have been.The fellow sitting next to him, obviously believed him and asked me to leave.

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The sheet with these illustrations is the page either before or after the illustration of the 6 over 7 pattern that is shown in the tutorial.I have had some success doing the same compression but playing lines (such as 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s (41-46, 51-56,61-66,71-76 etc). all in one quadrant.

Besides winning a lot of cash, I really racked up the points on my Players Club card, too.Space keno is a 3D animated game that you play from a virtual command centre in a space ship.

Casino Tips and tricks to beat Las Vegas and the odds. Four Card Keno 7 Spot Jackpot Strategy and Tutorial. Game King Cleopatra Keno tips and strategies.I was picking the spots on the cards by running my hands across the screen.Cleopatra Keno is an exciting video keno game with a free play bonus if the last number drawn hits a marked spot. Game Tips Pay tables Superstitions Do's and don'ts.

This way gets very hot with tons of 5 spots. a bit more often than individual quadrants from my experience.Yes, I do think that there should be a medium as it is fun to do your own patterns, but mystic smart charts are one of the few that you literally can get a hit for hundreds of dollars even on a 20 cent bet.Also, if you stick to your quadrant, the slump that you just experienced could flip and become a streak.Even 5s with the low 12-13 to 1 pay on the 4 of 5 are better because you get relatively consistent 5 spots out of the 7 base numbers, and it is not too difficult to hit the 6 of 7 base numbers for a nice 4800-6400 to 1 payout with 6-8 5 spots that you will get.I am clueless when it comes to numbers, so I just copied yours.He responded to multiple (and probably annoying lol) questions within 24 hours each time.

In other words, a few numbers from each quadrant of the keno board, making up one 6 spot and a few numbers from each quadrant making up a seven spot, with overlapping numbers forming both the 6 and 7 spot.If you don’t want to install AIR separately you can down load “Cleopatra Keno. Have fun and learn strategies without losing your wallet! Remember, just like.As a result, there is never a guarantee that you will win the game.Best online casino games and best casino bonuses only at RichCasino! Get start play now.I play on your site both 4-card and 20-card and have tried everything I can find online.

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The system is not guaranteed, but is a great way to play efficiently.

It is similar to a 4 card pattern but with 20 layered 5 spots.To be honest, the first thing that I noticed was that I needed a bit more bankroll and quite a bit more patience that normal.